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Luxe Swoop Tee - Famous Enough

Art of Homage

Luxe Swoop Tee - Famous Enough

$ 24.70 $ 26.00

Custom Women's Cut Swoop Tee. 

Over the last 4 years, we've tried a ton of different women's cut tees and none of them ever quite fit the way we wanted them to. So we scrapped our vendors and sought out the best manufacturer we could find to make our first official women's cut swoop tee.

What came of it is the best fitting women's tee we've ever seen. We can say that in confidence. It took us several months of cutting, scrapping, measuring, and redesigning every detail until the fit was excellent for all women.

The tapered round hem stops right at the hip for a superior fit.

The Famous Enough Collection

I do not care to be famous. I exist for the fame of God’s name. I’d rather be KNWN by God than men. What would it look like if all of our validation was found in being KNWN by God? I know this struggle all too well. Worrying about how many people like my post…about how many people support my art…but at the end of the day, all that really matters is being KNWN by God.

Enoch walked and talked with God and then he was not. What a beautiful testimony. Spending our days in discussion with God. Loving on people we encounter daily from the lens of a life richly embedded in the word of God.

You are famous enough. True influence is being authentic to who God made you to be. Not to living up to an image that the world projects on us. We don’t have to strive for likes. We simply need to strive to be authentic to who God made us to be. In that space, God will get the most glory out of our lives. When who we are is a joy to us. When who God made us to be is embraced.

Size Guide:

Model 1 is 5'5 138 lbs and is wearing a small tee. 

Model 2 is 5'8 180 lbs and is wearing a large tee.

Model 3 (not pictured) is 5'2 187 lbs and is wearing a large tee.

This shirt was custom made for Art of Homage. It features a side-seamed wing cut shaping that produces a seamless semi-flowy look.

This shirt fits true to size.

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