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God Will Prevail - Channel

Last week, I wrote a blog entitled "How Failure Propelled My WRSHP" which has now been shared over a hundred times on Facebook and Twitter combined. Crazy right? The honesty in that post struck a chord with many. We can all relate to some level of disappointment in life. I often find myself looking in the rearview mirror wondering if my latest actions will take me back to that place.

That's why I had to follow up that post with a song called "Prevail." First off, I have to let you in on something...Crystal has been wanting me to put this out for a while. It's very rare that she likes any of my music upon first listen. I feel like a salesman half the time trying to convince her she can get jiggy with it (Will Smith, Michael Blackson voice). We'd sit around and listen to some of the songs I recorded in January for the album and I'd fall in and out of love with them from day to day, but this one...has always been pegged to make the cut.

I hope you find this song as refreshing as we do. So cheers to the sovereignty of God and the opportunity to embrace the fact that He's smack dab in the middle of where you are in life. 

Don't fret...just listen. He cares, He hears...He's God and He sent His Son so that you may have joy. Godspeed. Press pray and help somebody else by sharing via the links below :))

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