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We...Were Born to WRSHP

We...were born to worship; to live in sweet communion with a Holy God. There is something great at stake every day of our lives. I'm reaching that point in life where waking up should be celebrated. I'm heading straight to my place of solitude to thank God and think on His goodness because somebody won't wake up today. Sin is like gravity to our fallen hearts. We lift it up to God and the weight of this world pulls it back down. But we were born to worship. We were born to be resilient. We were born to fight and battle for our minds; to keep them focused on Him. He is our greatest treasure.
Ideas without execution are useless. I had the concept for this idea for a while but I couldn't quite get the design aesthetics right. Insert Mister Doodle. His work is amazing and it was a pleasure to present my ideas and have him put them together, scrap it, start fresh, and put it together again until it was perfect. I hope y'all appreciate this one as much as I do.
There won't be an immediate restock of these so grab them now while you can. They're available in two options and two colorways. I'm excited to hear and see your feedback on these. Grab yours here.

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