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8 minutes, 4 babies, and a humble thank you.

"I could've died in my mother's womb, they were screaming abortion. I'm glad she blocked out all that noise to my great fortune."

Those are lyrics from my last album, Sounds of a Dreamer. My mother was 18 when she had me and only 16 when she gave birth to my brother. She's the youngest of 7 children. Her siblings tried to convince her that she was too young to have another child. How in the world would she support two kids without a high school diploma? But she fought for me...and now I get to fight for others just like me.

I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for helping me in the fight to rescue babies. I launched my company a little over 60 days ago and yesterday I was able to make my first donation to the Human Coalition for $100, a non-profit fighting to end abortion. It costs around $265 to help rescue a single baby and $1,060 to save four. Every purchase helps me contribute to some awesome mission focused non-profits. My goal is to help save four babies this year through Art of Homage. 

I love your mission Channel, how can I help? I'm glad you's three ways you can help. (1) You can download the Prolife App and pray for women who are contemplating abortion daily. (2) You can share this post on facebook or twitter via the links at the bottom of this post. (3) Or you can visit Human Coalition and find ways to get involved.

Here's a 4:39 second short film of an actual story of redemption. By the time you watch it and share this link below on should be right at 8 minutes, maybe 7 :))

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