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Good, good...mmm, mmm, good music! My Curated List.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've always loved music.  I used to be amazed by the silky instrumentation of Al Green and the soul of B.B. King blaring throughout the house. If you've never heard "Love and Happiness" or "The Thrill is Gone" growing up, lemme tell weren't raised right.

When I'm down, God encourages me through good music. When I'm up, my boys and I dance around in the kitchen to good music (snapchat @artofhomage). Whether you're about to workout or on the car ride home, I've curated a list of my music for 5 occasions. I've also added a link to our entire catalog of music that you can stream/download free to the toolbar. Enjoy :))


1. Red Ink Army - We're An Army

2. Channel - Red Letters

3. Channel - I Get Up

4. Channel - Renegade Music

5. Channel - Fish Tanks 

6. Channel - Rise and Grind 

6. Channel - Rugers and Roullette  

7. Channel - Knockout

8. Channel - I Like it Loud



1. Channel - Hosanna

2. Channel - Luxury 

3. Gabriel Moore - Red Ink Poetry

4. Channel - He's My King - Original

5. Channel - Rain In My Bedroom



1. Channel - Cross On My Back

2. Red Ink Army - He's My King 23. Red Ink Army - Ain't About Me

4. Red Ink Army - Swagger On Lean 

5. Red Ink Army - We Ride

6. Channel -  Long Live the King


Mood Music:

1. Channel - Lost Traveler

2. Red Ink Army - Brand New 

3. Channel - Live Holy 

4. Red Ink Army - The Remedy 

5. Channel - Sounds of a Weary Soul


1. Channel - Family

2. Channel - I Don't Know 

3. Red Ink Army - Amazing Grace 

Can I ask you for one quick favor? Please do me the honor of clicking the links below and sharing this on your favorite social media platform. Don't hog the tunes...encourage somebody with the gift of music :))

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